World Cocktail day in Bangalore

World Cocktail day in Bangalore

World cocktail day! Not too long ago, only if someone would have whispered that someday we would be celebrating “World Cocktail Day”, it would be an absolute hilarious topic and would definitely find no takers for it. But come 2019 it’s a whole new scenario. Prophecies are now being fulfilled and impossibles are now on the verge of possibilities. Welcome to World Cocktail day in Bangalore. A small gesture for and from the Bartending Community of Bangalore

World Cocktail day at Bangalore

The recent time has witnessed an unprecedented interest in cocktails. Something which I have always tried to emphasise in most of the blog I write. Cocktails are now finding it’s rightful and much-deserved place. On May 13th 1806 was when the word Cocktails got its publication. But it took more than a century for the real thing to make it to its right full place of where it belonged. The effort and hard work put in by bartenders from all over the globe can be the sole reason to where cocktails are at in the present scenario.

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When it comes to Bangalore and Cocktails, both have all witnessed a great transformation in the recent past and doesn’t seem like slowing down. A transformation which is definitely been on the brighter side. With the rising numbers of bars and breweries across Bangalore, all in some way or the other have directly made an impact to the cocktails industry. The healthy competition has been the uno reason for raising the bar of cocktails.

World Cocktail day in Bangalore

Welcome to The Reservoire, the chosen venue for world cocktail day in Bangalore. Located at Koramangala in the heart of the city a great hangout for cocktail lovers.  This not being the first time I have visited the bar and doesn’t look like its gonna be the last. But this time it was different. It was a gathering of bartenders from all over Bangalore for the world cocktail day. And from what I believe this is the first time a get together of bartenders on World Cocktail day in Bangalore day took place.

panallaist for World Cocktail day at Bangalore

The panellist for the evening was thoughtfully picked. Every individual playing its own role for the uplifting of Bangalore Bar Industry. Be it bartending, cocktails, brands or even just the bar. They being a part of the larger group of individuals playing a role for the enhancement of the bartending community in Bangalore.

Pratik Shetty : Founder, The Reservoire

Rohan Carvalho: India’s First Bartending Champion

Balakrishnan: A seasoned bar professional with 13+ years of experience.

Cillian Mulligan: Ambassador for Jameson Irish Whiskey

Tarini Kumar: Leads sale at Greater Than Gin

 The event couldn’t start at the scheduled time. Thanks to the rain gods and the Bangalore traffic which played its role to perfection, and yet they say no one is perfect 🙂 . The event finally started with the discussion on the journey of everything to do with bars, bartending and cocktails in Bangalore.

The panellists did a great job of sharing some great information on the current scenario of the Indian and global bar and cocktails culture. And with so much valuable information in the air, a bit of help in the form of food and beverage was required to digest. This was well-taken care by The Reservoire team. A big thumbs up to The Reservoire team for keeping everyone on high spirits. With some great cocktails flowing and equally well matched by the bites 🙂 .

Finally, with the discussion now nearing its end, it was time for the party to kickoff. And the bartenders didn’t let anyone down. The colossal presence of bartenders led to an array of some great cocktails being churned. The night seemed like a never ending one but just like all good things, this was no exception.

World Cocktail day at Bangalore-ranson-carvalho

The first edition of world cocktail day in Bangalore 2019 was as good as it could get. A great turnout despite the rains was a pleasant sight to see. A big thumbs up to The Reservoire team for the wonderful display of hospitality. And special mention here to Royestin the bartender at The Reservoire for his brilliant old-fashioned cocktail. A small initiative sometimes is all that is needed to set the ball rolling for things to follow. This certainly was a perfect start for World Cocktail Day in Bangalore. 2020 World Cocktail Day! Bangalore most certainly awaits you 🙂

Cheers !

PicCredit -The Reservoire

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  1. Nice article and cheers to you on this world cocktail day. Look forward to meet you sometime. Keep writing.

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