Whiskey And Whisky Cocktail

Whiskey And Whisky Cocktail

Whiskey or whisky is one and the same. The spelling doesn’t tend to increase or decrease the value of the product. But there does exist an interesting read to it, which can be left for later.  As of for now it’s about whisky cocktail and the great Indian Single Malt.

Whisky! A spirited liquid beverage obtained by fermenting barley/grains/rye/corn and later distilled to increase the strength of alcohol in it. Which then undergoes a maturing process to get it’s originality, uniqueness and colour. Resulting in quality whisky. And Paul John Whisky is definitely a quality world-class product.

A recent visit to Paul John Distillery in Goa turned out to be a very informative one. Getting to know more about the product, the brand and above all the art of crafting some brilliant quality whisky. Great first-hand experience to see how seriously they take their whiskies. A well-exhibited journey from grain to the glass. Totally making it world-class.


Whisky comes along with the tag or a myth of not being meant for cocktails. It’s termed more of a masculine drink to be consumed neat or on the rocks. Well if you tell me that it’s about the machoism, I would totally disagree.

The true essence of whisky is its maturing period. The number of years it lay resting in the barrel is where the whisky derives its unique identity. This is where ethanol in the true sense transforms itself into whisky. The barrel, the number of years and the geographical condition, all playing its role in maturation.

Maturation! A natural process which determines in no two whiskies acquiring similarities. It’s here where the Master Blender evinces his skill. If this is the reason then it might as well stand its ground. The hard work and effort of the blender here cannot go unappreciated.

I do enjoy whisky and prefer having it my own style. In fact, every person has their own distinct style of drinking whisky and each individual can be right.  if your style and methods suit your pallet, well you found your Mr Right. But then I still believe there is a distinct approach when it comes to siping your whisky to bring out the best in it.

Every individual may think their way of sipping whisky is the right way and no arguments here. But the best way can only be shown by an expert and yes not everyone who consumes whisky can be termed, expert.

With specially designed educational course crafted to help perfect, on what can be the best way of appreciating whisky. Showcasing how to delve into the right quality of flavours it has nurtured during the maturing period. Well portraited by Yash, Brand Ambsadorof Paul John during the distillery tour.

Whisky Cocktail

Paul John Whisky – Signature Cocktail

With the ever so changing era, you don’t want to miss the bus and be left behind. The era of cocktails is now taking over. With all thanks to the social media and mobile phones which is now accompanied by great cameras. This has resulted in a whole new ball game

When we talk about whisky cocktail it can be quite a topic. I too found myself in the same league, of using whisky in cocktails as a cardinal sin. But with changing times the old hat had to make way for the new one. The perception towards whisky needed to be refurbished. All required, was to open your eyes and smell the coffee.

Paul John Whisky – Signature Cocktail

It takes a little more skill when it comes to creating a whisky cocktail. Once you get the feel and hang of a good whisky cocktail, it can be quite a quixotic experience. Are there are quite a few quality bartenders capable of churning some great whisky cocktail. But a bad whisky cocktail can have the exact adverse effect.

Whisky- cocktail-paul-john
Paul John Whisky – Signature Cocktail

There will always be a dispute when it comes to whisky cocktail. For me, both parties are the winner. Each enjoying a very valid point. But being a bartender I find myself a bit partial towards whisky cocktail. How long can you have your food just boiled? Addition of spices will enhance the flavour of the food 🙂

Finally, If in doubt, who better to ask other than the king. And cocktail too has a king, “Old Fashioned“!!

Whisky Cocktail
Paul John Whisky – Signature Cocktail

Cheers !!

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