The Reviews

The Reviews

Time, the best teacher, has always moved in one direction, “Ahead”. Change is what has been constant and so has people and habits. The last decade has witnessed some drastic transformation happening around and within us. Changes are now taking places faster than one can imagine. A new era of online has now embarked. Online is the new realm. And reviews are now the new gold.

On a blog, written in 2017. I tried to shed some light on the vices of online room bookings. Sometimes you don’t need to be a genius or an astrologer to be far-sighted. Maybe you can call it the sixth sense, in this case, it was common sense. The result today was no surprise

Online marketing and social media is now on the rise. It’s everywhere, whether we like it or not it is now a part of the system. The only fear, it might graduate to being the system from initially just being a part of the system. And ‍none of us is even aware of it. And if aware, we tend to turn a blind eye towards it.

Sound’s so off-topic, right? Sometimes you need to look around and go a bit off, it actually helps to rewire your self. Bartending has always been the core topic of my blogs. But it is now vulnerable to the cons of social media. Social media is now entering if not already entered in the restaurants and bars with reviews now being weighed in gold

The fear of losing the race is the reason we turn a blind eye towards it. Not just ignorant, but we gradually developing an addiction. Something, we are solely to blame for it. Likes and followers are now our new driving force. And social media is now what we call the most influential tool, or weapon? If that what we can rightfully call it?

The new 

This one is not for the GENUINE influencer out there but there is a lot of self-proclaimed once out there trying to reap the hard work created by them. It’s hard to identify them out there but still, it has to be done before everyone fall in the same category. So-called self-proclaimed, opps, anyone with max numbers of followers is now are driving some major business houses.

Marketing has now reached a whole new level. On second thought, is it appropriate for someone possessing zero knowledge about a product defining and giving his stamp of certification to the product? A question which can have a million different answer. Each contradicting each other.

How can this be justified? Experts have suddenly taken a back seat. Waiting for someone with the maximum follower having little or no knowledge what-so-ever about the product to certify his work credentials on social media.  If this is not strange then nothing is. Years of hard work dedicated towards shaping you into an expert, now need to be certified by a newfound institution “social media”, with the power to decide your faith

Major business houses may have their own reason, which I may not be aware of. Restaurants and bars and now falling prey to the same. People who aren’t aware, it’s not easy to set up a bar or restaurant. Hobbies are one thing, but business is a whole different ball game. And restaurants and bars is some serious business.

Bars are never built overnight. It takes months of planning if not years to get one up and running. A lot of expertise are involved to get things absolutely right. The trial and error phase is like a never-ending phase, never witnessed by the guest.

Every food and cocktails have been through the stringent tests before it meets the guest pallet. Nothing is accidental here, it’s a result of total dedication, hardwork, years of experience out together and not forgetting the huge amount of finances.

With a lot of things at stakes, everything here has to be as perfect as one could imagine. Perfection has never been achieved, something that we all can debate about. getting as close being perfect is what we cater for. And consistency is what matters here the most.  Oops! incomes the reviews(food bloggers! cocktail bloggers etc) 🙂 .

Real Bartenders

Bloggers, influencers, and the newly found professional now in the business. To an extent, they are very much required, but the filtration the real from the unwanted has to be done. In bartending terms Distillation ( separating the alcohol from the unwanted liquid). And the weirdest part they are now bartenders/ mixologist. Guess it makes them the Real Bartenders?

After politics, this is one profession where absolutely no qualifications required here. And they literally tend to judge the best in the business. Something so hard to justify. From what I have witnessed, do they actually do justice to the product? it all matter on how well you treat them. Little hiccups here and there and the entire organisation is in a frenzy.

the reviews


Adding to all this, are the reviews. With so much attention given for positive reviews, we somewhere lose the plot. Trying to please everyone especially in the restaurant and bar business is impossible. But the core issue is quality and service. And with a lot of human interference, things tend to be a little difficult to manage.

With the review system now in place, things are now looking a bit sceptical. Suddenly the balance has now shifted from the organisation to the consumer, resulting in things becoming is very unpredictable to deal with. Now, talent can take a back seat what matters most is keeping the so-called guests happy and much of them might not even be a specialist on what they are gonna review.

I still have immense faith in the review system but it matters on who is writing the content and what expertise he or she possesses on the topic or subject. Sometime back I read a review on a car for which the reviewer gave it a “Zero”. the reason being the brakes didn’t work downhill. On further reading he mentioned, since it was downhill he switched off the engine. 

We come across so much or unreasonable reviews in the bar and kitchen. People giving out their view and option without even knowing any idea of the product. Every pallet is different, some like sweet, some don’t. That should not be the reason you grade the food or drink badly. It’s just you don’t like the flavour


A classic martini is one of the most appealing names when it comes to cocktail,  thanks to Mr Bond(007). But martini as pleasing as it sounds to the ear, it is not a sweet cocktail by any means. So one should have a bit of info on what goes into a cocktail before posting a review. it not whether you like it or not its whether it tastes like a martini or not

Everything starts with good intention but some down the line things go off track. And with the success of reviews and blogging, suddenly everyone wants to jump the bandwagon. Personal vendetta should not reflect on your reviews. That’s how i believe it is supposed to be like.

Finally, with many Business affected because of reviews and blogs. And yes there are genuine reviews out there but equally matched by the opposite. A famous singer just proved followers can be brought. Leaving it’s up to us to filter the real ones from the fake because no matter what you do, a classic martini will never be sweet.

Cheers !!

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