Octave rooftop lounge and bar

Octave rooftop lounge and bar

Taking time out, from a slightly busy schedule is quite a challenge. But it gets simpler when it for a good cause. And what better cause than to have a drink at Octave rooftop lounge and bar. One of the finest bars in Bangkok.

Having limited time on hand to spend, Octave rooftop lounge and bar looked like a perfect option. Being listed as one of the top rooftop bars of Bangkok is always a “wow” factor.

The main bar, located on the 49th floor of Bangkok Marriott’s, which a is the tallest point of the building. Actually the rooftop of the Marriott’s. And the thrill of being at the top can be quite overwhelming.

Octave rooftop lounge and bar

The view? well you can guess, was amazing! Something you should have to actually experience yourself. The Octave Bar with no concrete walls, but just a 2 to 3 feet tall glass parapet running across the borders. Literally making you feel the wind on your face.

One of the rare places giving you a 360-degree view of the Bangkok. And if you love the sunset, its one of the best places in the city to watch it. It gives you a feel of being in two different places in the same location. One before and the other after sunset.

View from Octave roof top bar before sunset
View from Octave roof top bar before sunset

The view from just keeps getting better with every passing minute. The city not only looks beautiful when completely illuminated after sunset but with a couple of drinks down it looks even more marvellous.

Octave roof top bar after sunset
View from Octave rooftop bar after sunset

An island bar located in the centre has a charm of its own. And the bar can be really busy in the early hours. Attracting a lot of guests, the view being one of the main reason. Not to forget happy hours from 1700hrs to 1900hrs making it all the more tempting.

The happy hour’s discounts applied to selected signature cocktails. Loved the ” Old Fashioned Style Pina Colada”. A White rum( Havana club) based cocktail. Not taking anything away from the rest of the cocktails.

A great evening of cocktails and the spectacular view of the city. Octave Rooftop lounge bar seemed a  perfect place to get a high, from a height.




















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