Crafting of Signature Cocktails for Just BLR

Crafting of Signature Cocktails for Just BLR

Bangalore, a city of lakes.  Well even if the lakes are missing, so what. We still love the tag 🙂 . Talking about Bangalore, there is so much you can explore in the city. Moving with the trend it’s now the IT capital of India. But unlike the lakes, you can find the Tech Park’s in abundance here. The rise of Tech Park has gradually resulted in a sizable number of bars and brewery in Bangalore. With plenty of drinking options, has elevated the game to the next level, making it tougher and exciting. Every bar looking to outshine each other, resulting in a major rise of Signature Cocktails.


When it comes to signature cocktails and Bangalore, would’ int it be wonderful to merge the two of them together? We shall try and do it here 😉 . “Brigade Road” a well-known location in Bangalore, one of the few places which is not unknown to anyone residing in Bangalore. The experience of shopping here can be quite alluring, much like the causeway of Mumbai. And now, to add to the beauty of Brigade road we have a brand new bar called “ Just Blr” not as the Leopold café yet, but only time can tell.

“Just BLR” looks class in the making. A new outlet but it’s run by a well-experienced team headed by Ananth. “Just BLR not being his first project. With more than 10 years of experience, Ananth is well known when it comes to Bangalore Bar industry. The person, solely responsible for getting it up and running. And not forgetting to add the brain behind the name “Just BLR”. The BLR in “Just BLR” is an anagram for Bangalore. It’s quite common with travellers, especially air travellers. The only thing now missing at “JUST BLR” was signature cocktails for Just BLR.

Signature Cocktails for Just BLR.


Crafting Signature Cocktails can always be a fun and challenging task as well.  The creativity is now a very important factor to the signature cocktails. And signature cocktails for Just Blr was no exception. Its years of experience exhibited in that one signature cocktails. With bar menu now longer taken casually, makes it really exciting and a bit stressful. 🙂

The trial and error period before finalizing the selected signature cocktails can take a toll.  Perfection and satisfaction are what must co-exist while finalizing on the signature cocktails. Not unknown to most of the people is we all savor distinct taste and flavour. And not forgetting to mention “presentation ” the newest entry to list of cocktails.

All of the above aggregates were taken to consideration while crafting Signature cocktails for Just BLR.  Bangalore, being the centre focus of the  Signature cocktails for Just BLR and that’s how it stayed. It did take its time, but when accomplished the result was satisfying.

List of Signature Cocktails for Just BLR

Benda kaalu oro


This cocktail named after how Bangalore actually got its name. A white rum based cocktail.

Fashionable old

ranson-carvalho-fashionable-old-signature-cocktails-for -Just-BLR-bar-square-india

A fashionable Whiskey based cocktails. Keeping the old fashionable spirit of the good old Bangalore Days alive.

Orange brigade.

ranson-carvalho-Orange-brigade-for -Just-BLR-bar-square-india

Heard about painting the town red, this one’s on it way painting brigade road orange. Gin based tangy orange flavour cocktail.


ranson-carvalho-bengi-signature-cocktails-for -Just-BLR-bar-square-india

Fire, its stands for in Kannada. A spicy tequila based cocktail with the sole intention to set your palate on fire.

Call me jenu

Honey, is what jenu means in kannada.  A vodka based cocktail with jenu and indian spice.

Luxury desire

ranson-carvalho-Luxury-desire-signature-cocktails-for -Just-BLR-bar-square-india

A Lavish Luxury whiskey based cocktails with flavour of saffron, which on sipping is pure luxury for you palate.

Frozen kempu

frozen-kempu-signature-cocktails-for -Just-BLR-bar-square-india-ranson-carvalho

Exciting beer cocktail. Actually a frozen beer cocktail with a hint of beetroot flavour

Downtown Hudugi

downtown-hudugi-signature-cocktails-for -Just-BLR-bar-square-india-ranson-carvalho
downtown-hudugi-signature-cocktails-for -Just-BLR-bar-square-india-ranson-carvalho
Downtown Hudugi

Definitely must try for all beer lovers. A cocktail which potentially sends your tastes bud craving for more. A frozen beer cocktail with fruity flavours.

Crafting signature cocktails has and will always be a delight. A much-needed exercise for the brains and I thought maths was difficult :). The only difference between the two is, I quite favor creating cocktails, especially when it is signature cocktails. The word itself “signature cocktails” acts as a trigger to the brain. With plenty of unused brain cell which I managed to save, helps in making the task a bit easier. But never the less it still is a responsibility which has to be executed perfectly

Signature cocktails for Just BLR stands unique like how every signature cocktails should be. But the added feature here is putting a bit of Bangalore in it. Not only the cocktails but also the name is now unique. Finally, a great place with great “signature cocktails”. And if you’re looking to learn Kannada, for a basic start, try the “Signature Cocktails at “Just BLR” and remember to remember the name’s 🙂 .

Cheers !!

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