Anniversary Cocktail Workshop with Alisha And Arjun

Anniversary Cocktail Workshop with Alisha And Arjun


Slowly, but gradually cocktails seems to be catching up as the latest trend in town. The awareness or curiosity towards Cocktails has now seen an upsurge like never before. There is an enthusiasm for getting cocktails right. This time it was a cocktail workshop with Alisha and Arjun.


Once a woman makes up her mind, changing it is an uphill task, if not impossible. And if the woman is Alisha then the stakes are even higher 🙂 . It took a while, but eventually, she got her way and got me on board to conduct this cocktail workshop for her hubby, as a surprise gift on their anniversary.

From the information I received from Alisha, Arjun loves making cocktails. Drinking? She didn’t specify anything along those lines. A pilot by profession, we decided to make him fly, and this time on high spirits :).

Cocktail-workshop-with-Aisha-and-Arjun-at-bar-squareArjun, A captain by profession who loves making cocktails is a rare combination. Most of us have a self-made image of a captain, studious looking guy dressed in formals, a total opposite of a bartender. But Arjun could easily pass as a Gladrags Mr.India.

Now, this was a couple special cocktail workshop or you could even say an anniversary special cocktail workshop. Which meant we had both of them behind the bar churning cocktails. For once the bar looked beautiful. With two good-looking bartenders behind the bar.Cocktail-workshop-with-Aisha-and-Arjun-at-bar-square


Post the brief information of the Do’s and Dont’s on mixology and cocktails, the couple just took over. This is not the first time, I have noticed it in quite a few cocktail workshop I have done in the past. There seems to be a bartender hidden in most of us. All you have to do is let the spirit out.

And the biggest surprise was when Arjun got behind the bar. It seemed like it was his lost connection lol. Looked no stranger at the bar. Now I actually understand what Alisha meant when she said he loves making cocktails. Could actually see it, a man totally in love with spirits.

The cocktails turned out really good. Appearing as if they just stumbled across a whole new world behind the bar. And For me, it was a great feeling tasting some magical cocktails. Both of them truly lighting up the entire place with their presence and some skilful cocktails.

They didn’t just stop with cocktails but also tried their hands on flair. And Arjun turned to be a fast learner. But Alisha was not ready to be left behind. She definitely was not going to give up that easily. While Arjun was still with one bottle flair, Alisha tried her luck with 2 objects. And faired

Cocktail workshop with Aisha and Arjun


And the best of all was the bar trick which actually nailed it. It was a cocktail workshop with unlimited fun. That’s entirely my point of view. But I assume Alisha and Arjun would agree with me.

Of all of the cocktails workshop, I have conducted at bar square. I would regard this as one of the most memorable ones. With all credit going to Alisha for taking the initiative and being persistent on getting the cocktail workshop conducted. And we successfully transformed Arjun from a non-whiskey to a whiskey drinker.

Cocktail workshop with Aisha and Arjun

A cocktail workshop as an anniversary gift for Arjun, which I believe the couple would cherish for a long long time to come.
















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  1. Surinder Talwar

    Cheers đź‘Ť
    Make the world happy & take care of your health.

  2. Rohan

    Nice one Ranson. Spreading happiness and bonding people through mixology and cocktails.

  3. rahul

    Superb job!!!

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