Cocktail Session With Sanjay and Sonia

Cocktail Session With Sanjay and Sonia

Cocktails! Love the word and the product itself. There is a certain feel-good kind of a thing when it comes to churning cocktails. And it even gets better when you see people exhibiting a keen interest to understand the complexity involved in making cocktails. This resulting in a growing number of enthusiast wanting to try their hands on cocktail session.

Of all of the cocktail session’s I have conducted this one stands apart and in a beautiful way. The cause being it was a father and daughter duo combination wanting to do a cocktail session together. And never would I have imagined of hosting such a special duo for a cocktail session.

cocktail-session -barsquare-sanjay-raheja-sonia-raheja-father-daughter-bonding-barsquare
Sanjay Raheja and Sonia Raheja
cocktail-session -barsquare-sanjay-raheja-sonia-raheja

Little was I informed about the reason for the cocktail session. But it didn’t matter. As usual, I was looking forward to a regular cocktail session. And after confirming the schedule over the phone, it was time to rock and roll. Sanjay Raheja and Sonia Raheja, the father/daughter duo now all set to churn some great cocktails.

The biggest shock was when the duo arrived dot on time. Yeah, they managed to beat the traffic to perfection. Now that’s some precious and rare talent. And that was not the only talent they possessed. With the whole evening left, there was more in store to showcase.

cocktail-session -barsquare-sanjay-raheja-sonia-raheja-father-daughter-bonding
Cocktail Session with Sanjay Raheja and Sonia Raheja

Sanjay Raheja happens to be the man behind the Appu series. An animated series on youtube for kids. On my first conversation on the phone with him, he sounded like quite a stern person. But to my surprise, he turned out to be the exact opposite of it. No wonder his Appu series on youtube is doing profoundly well.

And Sonia Raheja, who is leaving to the US for further studies. She was the one whom I thought initiated the brilliant idea of the cocktails session. But it was a father and daughter collective decision was what I found out during the session. And a dam right decision too.

cocktail-session -barsquare-sanjay-raheja-sonia-raheja-father-daughter-bonding-barsquare
Father and daughter(Sanjay Raheja and Sonia Raheja)

Cocktail Session

We started out with the ritual cocktail know as MOJITO. The one cocktail which is quite well known to almost every cocktail and mocktail drinkers. And that’s where the duo started showcasing some hidden talent. This is where Sonia took the lead from Sanjay.

But it was just a start of the long marathon of cocktails to follow. And it seemed as if Sanjay had made up his mind on not wanting to be left behind. He did put on a valiant fight but then the father in him sneaked out and gracefully let Sonia carry on with the lead. As a matter of fact, they both did awesomely well. You don’t have runner-up when it comes to a cocktail session. It’s all about having a good time. And the duo did exactly the same

cocktail-session-with sanjay-raheja-sonia-raheja-ranson-carvalho
Sanjay Raheja and Sonia Raheja

We went on to make a few more cocktails for the evening. The father-daughter duo combo did an awesome job. And boy did they totally swiped me off my feet with their Margarita. For someone churning cocktails for the first time, the Margarita was unbelievably awesome. A Margarita which would do any bartender proud.

During the course of the evening, I happen to find out it was a father-daughter bonding session. But the bonding was always there it just got stronger. It showed. The duo was having a ball of a time making cocktails. And Sanjay was also kind enough to share some valuable information on the science of alcohol.


I have always enjoyed doing consumer cocktails session. The main reason being to pass on whatever knowledge I have gained in all the years of bartending. The numbers of attendant never mattered. But the father and daughter combo took me by surprise. And what a pleasant surprise it was.

It was a truly great gesture of father spending quality time with daughter and vice-versa. Taking time out from a super busy schedule is never easy. With time being weighed in gold, they somehow managed to get their priority. The father and daughter combo truly rocked. A cocktails session which will be remembered for a long long time to come.

With the famous duo (Sanjay Raheja and Sonia Raheja)


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