“Classic Cocktails” a time tested cocktail.

“Classic Cocktails” a time tested cocktail.

“It’s a classic!” could resemblance a sentence or even a statement. It has the potential of being one of the most elegant phrases. More often or not its associated with great pride whenever voiced, imparting a peculiar sense of dignity. A perceptive, that no modification is required to escalate its beauty. It can be associated in any field, be it work or off work. But here we adopt it for Cocktails.  Yes! “Classic Cocktails”.

Classic! Can be anything which has stood the test of time. Proven and tested, and still carries the potential to give anyone a run for its money. And when the business is Cocktails, “Classic” can here exhibit a range of distinctiveness as well.  It can also be a benchmark to judge upcoming and fresh entities falling in the same stature.

Its justifies, that not all originals require alteration or modifications. “That’s a classic” A statement that transfers so much of content in it.  And there still exist many industries which still take great pride in being associated with the word “classic”. The bar is one of it.

Location: Bootlegger Indiranagar

At the bar, we have definitely managed to still keep the classic intact.  When we mean classic here, we mean classic cocktails. It still stands the same from the very first time they were introduced. And some are even more than a century-year-old. The style of churning might have changed, but recipe and taste still remains a classic.

The fact that we still find a section dedicated to classic cocktails in the menu card all over the globe, is an assurance of it still being appreciated. It shaped its place in the bar from the very time cocktails were popularised and is most likely to stay put. Fighting its way to find a permanent slot in every possible bar.

A classic cocktail should possess the same taste and quality no matter from which part of the world you are sipping it. The recipe remains untouched and shouldn’t be altered regardless to which high end or local bar you visit. But then it also depends much on the quality of bartender churning classic cocktails. Or a matter of fact any cocktails.

“Bartender” responsible for churning cocktails.

Much credit is also to be given the man behind the bar “the bartender” for churning the cocktails. It totals depends on his ability and skills on what comes inside the glass.  A person solely responsible for the quality of the cocktail churned. So you could hold him accountable if you like, love or even dislike the cocktail.

Classic-cocktails-classic cocktail-ranson-carvalho
Location: Bootlegger Indiranagar, Bangalore

Signature cocktails enjoy’s the potential of keeping up with time and in today’s world even keeping up with technology. Very few from the signature cocktail list would graduate itself to the classic cocktail’s. But every single bartender would love their cocktails to qualify to the signature cocktails section some day.

Classic cocktails give a sense of something which has been made as perfectly as anyone would love a cocktail to be. It would be the base and fundamental for new and signature cocktails to come. Well “ No one is perfect”, but then in the bars, we have “Classic Cocktails”.



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