Considering a Career in Bartending ?

Considering a Career in Bartending ?

“What are you planning to do when you grow up?”. A prevailing question most of us had the privilege to answer during our schooling days. A question which acquired the potential of drawing a fantasy answer. And I was very close to being SUPERMAN. Little do we realize the seriousness of the question and aptitude of it coming back to haunt us as we grow. A prototype question and yes I have already put forward the same question to my 6 years old nephew.

Career has always been at the forefront of everything. But given a profound thought, a successful career is all about choosing a good revenue-generating channel. At which most of us end up or are compelled in choosing the ones which have the prospect of generating the maximum possible income. And that being the only way to choose a career. or is it ? At least that how I  think most people choose a career

With having limited choices to choose from in early 2000. Things have shaped out  much positive now, with an array of career to choose from. Little did I know when I started a career in bartending could even be considered as a career.

Puzan Rai


Opting to make a career in bartending was never easy. But only a passion-driven person can go through any hurdle to reach his goal and I had the pleasure of witnessing it firsthand. Something I thought not possible and was delightfully pleased to be proven wrong.

A sole decision of my brother to build his career in bartending. A decision which was purely out of passion and love towards bartending. Never looking at the revenue generation side. And I joined the ship ten years later, cheerfully looking at the potential of it .  🙂

A career which many felt it hard to believe would be possible. Yes, I would totally agree. But it had a lot to do with passion. And in any passion-driven career or thing, we take out all the cons when we look at it. And the risk factor is as good as nil when we look at it in a positive way.

Things are looking brighter than before with the growing numbers of bars and pubs opening. This has also resulted in a sudden burst of enthusiastic wanting to try their hands in bartending. But, Bartending as a career, you have to choose only if you are 100% passionate about it.

Devi Singh

Like every other profession, making a career in bartending is not as easy as before. It could get even tougher in years to come. And only with pure dedication and hard work, you would definitely help you make it to the top. But it demands a lot of hard work and long standing hours and once you see it trough, the sky can be the limit.

With new and better technics in the art of churning cocktails, bartending is also seen a great deal of improvement. Cocktails are just one part of bartending which is noticed. Along with cocktails, a bartender also has to have excellent product knowledge. Acquiring a proper product knowledge would definitely help any bartender feel more confident inside the bar. And a confident bartender is always an asset. It is now an absolute must to acquire an excellent product knowledge.


There is soo much more to bartending than what meets the eye. And no better way to learn than enroling yourself for a professional bartending course. But do make sure the academy you choosing is managed by professional and not just any new kids on the blocks. A right academy of bartending will definitely lay a solid foundation in assisting you to make a great career in bartending.

A bartender is what I feel exist inside every one of us. But making a career in bartending is not for everyone. You have to be 100% passionate about bartending and don’t assume it as being a cakewalk. it is purely based on passion and talent. Difficult to compare it with other profession but never the less it is still a profession.

Robert Hospet

With bartending entering new horizon thing are looking brighter. The level of bartending now has reached unbelievable heights and doesn’t look like slowing down. The zenith ls a long long way ahead.

Finally, if you are seriously passionate about bartending and looking to make a successful career in bartending? Go get yourself enroled in a reputed bartending training academy and give it all you have. You never know you could be the next big thing 🙂


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Robert Hospet-( Bootlegger, Bangalore),Puzan Rai-(Rohan Jelki),Dev Singh-(Dev Singh)

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