Belvedere vodka relearn natural competition

Belvedere vodka relearn natural competition

Belvedere vodka relearn natural, Bangalore Finals.

Bartending, one of the few profession which can be fun and lucrative at the same time. But when it comes to competitive bartending, things get a little complex. Belvedere vodka relearn natural bartending competition was no different. Phase one of  Judging the bartenders in their place of work helped the bartenders in maintaining their composure. But the finals were to be held in one location. And this would be a test of skill and composure not to miss out the excitement factor.

It is never easy to decide and pick up the best from the best. Competition is all about who performs the best to his potential on the given day. It mainly concerns about maintaining your composure and delivering on the day. Sound so easy but the one executing it has a different story. Even the best of the best will tell you that.

After finalizing the top bartenders from each outlet. It was now time for the final round. As per the norms of Belvedere vodka relearn natural bartending competition the standards remained the same, only for one thing. This time Belvedere vodka got the bartenders to one single location. Yes! Belvedere vodka natural relearn Bangalore finals was now being held in Kaze.

The venue Kaze like mentioned previously, a beautiful venue located on the rooftop with a bird’s eye view of the city, seemed a perfect place for the Belvedere vodka relearn natural Bangalore finals. Could give you a sense of being on top of the world or at least Bangalore.

The 11 shortlisted bartenders of Belvedere vodka relearn natural Bangalore finals

  1. Harsh ( The Oberoi)
  2. Pradyumna (Ritz Carlton)
  3. Biswanth (JW Marriott)
  4. Manjunath ( Kaze)
  5. Sai (Vivanta MG Road)
  6. Rahul (Shangri-la)
  7. Karan (Leela Palace)
  8. Vedant Mehra ( Bootlegger )
  9. Sujay Pramanick (Old-Fashioned )
  10. Roshan ( Bier Library)
  11. Rohit ( Shiro)

The stage was now set for the bartenders to take over. An evening filled with cocktails of world-class level presented by the top bartenders of Bangalore. The evening was going to belong to one of them. And they did not disappoint. Sometimes it feels so unfair to select one. But that’s the nature of the game. A competition has to have a winner and that’s what Belvedere vodka natural relearn Bangalore finals was going to find out.

Belvedere vodka relearn natural Bangalore finals

The competition took off by 1600 hours IST.

A lucky draw in which Pradyuman from Ritz Carlton got the honour of starting the Belvedere vodka relearn natural Bangalore finals

  1. Pradyuman – Ritz Carlton


The first participants to get on stage was Pradyuman from Ritz Carlton. An alumnus of barsquare, was quite pleasing to see him qualify to the top 11. As the one to do the honour can never be easy, especially when it’s your maiden competition The magnitude of the event can make you a bit shaky. But Pradyuman did an excellent job holding his composure and give a perfect start to the competition. A flawless cocktail with fresh berries excellently balanced.

  1. Sai – Taj Vivantha


Next to take the stage was Sai from Taj And he had definitely looked like he upped his scale from the qualifying round. Which was very pleasant to see. His cocktail was as good as you could wish it to be. For someone participating for his maiden bartending competition, he did very well with his cocktail. Also managed to show a great level of improvement from the qualifying round. Truly a well-made cocktail.

  1. Rohit – Shiro


The winner from Shiro, Rohit was next. A bar well known for its cocktails located in UB city mall. Right in the heart of Bangalore. Keeping up with the reputation Rohit did total justice to the cocktail. A excellent use of celery in the cocktail.

  1. Manjunath – Kaze


MJ that’s what he likes to be addressed, did a put on a great performance like what MJ (Micheal Jackson) is originally known for. A rockstar of a bartender. Being his home turf acceptedly he got some great support from not only the staff but from everyone around. And did a great job in not letting them down. A great cocktail from a great storyteller, using Indian spices to go along with. Someone possessing all the quality you would wish in a bartender

  1. Bishwant – JW Marriott


Bishwant looked quite promising from the what I witnessed in the first round of the competition. That meant the had a little bit of extra load to deliver, and not only did he do a good job he also performed way above expectation. A great use of charcoal syrup in his cocktail with a beautiful colour and flavour accompanying it.

With the natural light fading for the evening. The venue looked more beautiful. A whole new place from what it was. And one thing which was constant was the spirits of the bartender. Determination clearly showing in each one of them. The Belvedere vodka relearn natural Bangalore finals was getting all the more interesting and competitive with every participant.

  1. Karan – Leela Palace

With the artificial lights taking over it, the bartender felt more light home. And Karan just added more sparkle to it. The cocktail crafted of lentil water brilliantly balanced. An impeccable cocktail with a well-narrated story to add to it. A great use of lentil water. if any ones looking for vegan cocktails, do head to Leela’s Bangalore.

  1. Harish – Oberoi


A hotel reputed in setting standards. And the bartender did actually display the same skill. It was where from Belvedere vodka relearn natural started with harish doing the inaugural cocktail for the competition. And he didn’t fail to impress here as well. A cocktail at par with the best.

  1. Rahul – Shangri-la 


Rahul, what I believe was his maiden competition and what a stage to for your maiden competition. Trying to live up with all the big names in the industry can be a bit demanding. Not only did he manage to soak the pressure well but also did a great job with his cocktail

  1. Roshan – Bier Library

The venue now looking more beautiful with the newly found lighting. Next steps in Roshan from Bier Library. Who did a great job in churning a soothing cocktail of great flavour to match the standards set by the previous bartenders.

  1. Vedant Mehra – Bootlegger

The penultimate competitor for the evening. Vedant, not an unknown name in the bartending fraternity. Was welcomed by a huge cheer by everyone from the venue. The bar manager from bootlegger was now on stage.  Along with all this attention also comes a lot of unseen pressure to deliver everytime you take the stage. And Vendant seems to get into a habit of enjoying the pressure and it all reflected in his cocktail. I still believe as one the best storyteller in the business.

  1. Sujay Pramanick – Old-Fashioned

hide-sour-mj -manjunath-belvedere-vodka-relearn-natural-cocktail-challenge-india-sujay-pramick-bangalore-winning cocktail

The evening was now almost coming to an end for the Belvedere vodka relearn natural Bangalore finals. and watching Sujay taking the stage was a sign of a great evening of cocktails coming to a close. The winner of old-fashioned bar at Koramangala. A bar which has opened its door just recently and is making waves for their cocktails in town. Sujay churned a wonderful cocktail keeping up to the standards of the bar. And with his well-made cocktail, the Belvedere vodka relearn natural competition Bangalore came to a close.

Belvedere vodka relearn natural competition Bangalore results

All the bartenders were truly amazing, displaying an array of skill in cocktail making. The cocktails no doubt way better than expectations. No bartender wanting to give up easily, resulting in the competition just getting healthier and tougher with every growing contestant. Each and every contestant rightfully deserving a place in the Belvedere vodka relearn natural competition finals

The final decision was as tough as one could imagine. The margins not being much. Which can be considered a very good thing for bartending. The quality of bartending has moved up a great deal. No matter how good you are, you can’t afford to be complacent. There is always someone waiting around the corner for a small opening.

With all the bartender displaying wonderful skills of bartending, there is an empathy involved in decision making. But as per the rules, only one can be crowned champion.

The Winners of Belvedere vodka relearn natural bartending competition Bangalore 

  1. Vedant Mehra – Bootlegger  (champion )
  2.  Bishwant – Marriott (runners-up)
  3. Harish – Oberoi  (2nd runners-up)

Vedant Mehra – Belvedere vodka relearn natural Bangalore champion 2018

Belvedere vodka relearn natural competition Bangalore was all about churning a unique cocktail using simple ingredients. Making a cocktail using simple ingredients can sound easy, but with putting limitation and asking to deliver a unique cocktail can be quite demanding.

Vedant Mehra – Belvedere Bartending Competition Bangalore Winner

Vedant did an excellent job when it came to the final round. Not only did he look confident, he like always maintained a great composure. Even if he was excited or nervous he never let it show on stage. Could do great as a poker player 🙂 .  A great storyteller and an immensely skilled bartender.

The cocktail had a beautiful story to it. “Hide sour” the name of the winning cocktail. using three basic and simple ingredients. And yes, it was a perfect sour cocktail like the latter part of the name. The story, well, you would have to ask Vedant himself as no one could narrate it as well as he did. You can find him at Bootlegger Indiranagar for the story and the winning cocktail. Where he manages the place. The ingredients are what I can disclose  🙂

Hide Sour – Vedant Mehra

hide-sour-mj -manjunath-belvedere-vodka-relearn-natural-cocktail-challenge-india-bangalore-winning cocktail
Hide Sour- Vedant Mehra
  • Belvedere Vodka
  • Orange liqueur
  • Bilimbi juice

Shaken and Served in a chilled Belvedere cocktail glass. Garnished with a beautiful edible orchid flower and served along with bilimbi slice. You can find in at Bootleggers Indiranagar


Judging any bartending competition can never be easy. Gone are the days when there used to be only 2 to 3 good bartenders and the rest just filler. At present fillers don’t exist. One mistake and you falter. There is no second chance. The thirst for success can be seen and felt in each and every bartender. Something which can keep the winner on his toe. You blink and you might be left behind. A very good sign for the bartending industry.

All the 11 participants for the evening were truly world-class standards. They enjoyed making it tough for the judges as much as they did enjoy making cocktails. An absolute privilege to be on the judging panel for Belvedere vodka relearn natural competition Bangalore. An opportunity to know the best bartenders of Bangalore. The top three bartenders of the Bangalore finals will now be representing “Bangalore”  for Belvedere vodka relearn natural all India finals.

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