Because we are Bartenders

Because we are Bartenders

Bartending, not an unknown profession anymore. it has managed to scale up its rank as a fulltime profession. Though anyone capable of pouring a small, a large or any required amount of alcohol can arguably be termed as a bartender. But that now is history when it comes to professional bartending. With the bar industry cruising its way into new heights, well accompanied by the bartender. Together, can be termed as a winning combination. As a matter of fact, the bartender effort is much to be acknowledged in assisting the bar industry to accomplish the goal it set out to achieve. Yes, we are bartenders.

Things were much different a decade back from what we witness at present. IT is now the new realm . But going back memory lane nothing would seem the same as it is at present. That visible vacant space is now occupied by something or someone. Things are changing and change is a must. The old has given way to the new. And necessity, the mother of all invention is definitely on a fast track.

But is it all necessity out there?. Certain innovations can truly be a result of pure passion. Its pure passion which has resulted in some crazy innovation. True Passion by itself can definitely be the sole driving force. A select few profession with the privilege of being driven by passion alone. And bartending definitely find itself in the list of passion-driven profession.


The  30/60 /90 has undeniably been through a tremendous transformation. Solely a result of passion. Not sure, when and how it made its way in bartending but it most certainly can’t go unnoticed. It always seemed to exist but took some time finding its way to India. It looks like it has finally arrived but yet to proclaim its arrival. To be a bartender is not the same anymore or is it?

Bartending as a profession

A profession which initially never seemed like one. Glad to have picked it though many were available. Bartending seemed to have an edge overall, at least when it came to me. It was a hard sailing initially but smooth sea don’t make good sailors 🙂 .  One profession in which you are blessed to see the same person in two or more different characters on the same given night.

 Watching their journey from sane to insane from sober to 😉   is most of the time a phenomenal experience.  One rare profession which is capable of giving you such a fabulous experience every single night, a few exceptions do exist though. We are the best pal of any and every drunk person and even of anyone planning to go drunk. Morning’s you won’t find us, it’s the evenings when people think of us –the so-called “best friends” ,

We don’t complain, we never do it part of our job to be your best friend, not only accompanying but also assisting you in your wonderful journey into your fantasy world. We are bartenders. How would you journey be without us.? Alcohol truly gets the work done, but without us your journey would be all blur and humdrum.  They say it’s not about the journey it’s about the experience and that’s what a bartender can do. Can make you’re drinking an experience. And here’s how you can help 🙂 .

 We are bartenders and I don’t believe we possess superpower but we do have to ability to transform you to your desirable superhero character for the evening.  But also making sure you don’t put your newly found superpower in use. And you would be aware of how difficult it is to control hulk when he goes ” Green”. But then we love what we do.

Things to watch out for.

we-are bartenders
Devi Singh

Yes, we are bartenders and don’t ask us what cocktails we know. The list might go on forever. One question on a busy night which is quite capable of letting you face the wroth of the friendly bartender. Please let us know what you want makes our job much easier and if we can’t (don’t have the ingredient’s) we let you know the closest drink we can craft to resemble the one you want.

Truly, a legitimately driven by passion. We don’t judge you because if we did the bars would be empty. There’s very few who could understand you better out there. We see the best and worst of you and yet we treat you the same if not better every evening. We know you weirdest secret and more importantly, we know what is the meaning of a secret.

With more than six hours of a functional bar, we yet find more crowd is at closing all pleading for the one last drink. We don’t enjoy refusing but you have to understand here. When the bar is shut, its shut. The pleading only makes us feel bad, at times makes us look like a real villain. But then you have to understand we were available right from the start until now, which is definitely more than six hours. And it was you that was missing. Not making the best use of time can always lead to disappointment.

We are bartenders

The list is endless.  We, bartenders, have the capability to put up against any odds. We make sure to display our best to make it a rememberable movement out there for any and everyone. Its high level of cocktails skill on display which rarely gets noticed. Finally, we do come with a temper like every other human the only difference is we have mastered the art of masking it with a “Smile”. One of the rarest talent anyone could possess. Finally, No one could tolerate a drunk as much as we can.


YES, We are Bartenders.

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