Bartending competition by Express Food and Hospitality, Hyderabad.

Bartending competition by Express Food and Hospitality, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad ! the city of the nawabs. The Nawab though not seen much in recent times but their legacy can be definitely noticed across city. This, not the first time I found myself in Hyderabad. There have been many numerous occasion in which I had the pleasure of visiting the city, solely with regard to bartending. But this definitely the first time in Hyderabad to judge a Bartending Competition by Express Food and Hospitality.

Hyderabad has always been a pleasant city to visit. It enjoys an uncanny ability to surprise you in a very pleasant way every time you visit. The accent is one thing which you most certainly won’t fail to notice. The Nawabi touch definitely still lingers in their speech, sounding quite musical to the ears. Well, that’s just one part of it. And there could be a whole list to add to it. But as of now, it’s all about bartending and cocktails. The merger of both most often than not can be termed ” Bartending Competition”.

Express Food and Hospitality.

Express Food and hospitality is not an unknown brand in India, which has its root deeply rooted in the Food and Hospitality Industry across India. A global fairs and Media PVT LTD Publication, belonging to the Indian Express Group. With huge readership from across the country for the hospitality sector Express food and hospitality is definitely India’s most comprehensive publication when it comes to hospitality.

Bartending competition

This time around the bartending competition was of some serious mixology, leaving flair bartending at bay for a while. Hyderabad, known for its stunning weddings reception. I being fortunate enough to be bartending for a few of them. The art of churning cocktails has now begun to get its share of appreciation. And that is definitely a pleasant sight to see. With the bartenders taking centre stage it all got down to some serious cocktail business. The participant did a great job enchanting everyone with their bartending skills

The bartending competition by express food and hospitality for Hyderabad commenced with a total number of 10 participants. The bartending competition witnessed some of the best and upcoming bartenders of Hyderabad. The competitors did not fail to impress, with each bartenders demonstrating a considerable amount of skills in churning cocktails. It was a pleasant sight to see the enthusiasm of every bartender, especially the younger ones. 

The Winners

Competition is all about winners. The sole purpose is to find out the one champion stuff material amongst the lot. It is never easy to perform in front of an audience, big or small. Holding your nerves on the given day is what matters. Years of practice all narrowing down to that one moment, “Competition Day”. As a matter of fact, how you deliver in your allotted time ( not more than 6 minutes) defines where you stand.

Judging any competition is always a challenge. It’s not about the right it’s all about the wrongs. You are compelled to look for mistakes. The second and most important is how you make an impression and yes, the cocktail of course. All the rules and regulation were well briefed to the participants before taking centre stage. But the one with the least number of mistakes, the best impression and a great cocktail goes home a winner.

Shiva Teja from Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & HICC won the gold. Closely followed by Miriyam Hemanth Kumar from Rebel School of Bartending. The Bronze went to Soumya Rajan Jeena from Trident Hyderabad. A big congratulations to all the well-deserved winners.

Well, this all sounds so easy to elaborate. But when is stage the entire scenario is much contracting then it sounds. Well, even the best fall down sometimes. The iota mistake can make a gigantic difference. Carpe diem is the need of the hour. And the hardest thing to do. But then, that’s what champions are made off.

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