Bartending and Covid

Bartending and Covid

The last 8 months has been nothing short of an adventure. Life, an adventure full of surprises and shock. Every day coming with its own pro and cons. And this time it was totally unprecedented. Not having to go out or travel for an adventure was shocking. Totally uninvited, we all were a part of it. Making us realize how fragile we are. The so-called master of the universe was now all locked up in their own homes. Like many, Bartending was now one of the professions which had to face the brunt of so-called “Covid -19”. Bartending and covid had now to find a new way to co-exist.

To be, Bartender

Bartending, one of the oldest profession and choosing Bartending as a career never seemed a bad choice 🙂 . A time and tested profession. But the past 5 years has seen an immense surge in the bartending profession, everything just seemed right. And it seemed to heading in the right direction with more intriguing times ahead.  The cocktails and the bartenders were on a roll.  The bars were the new norm. Far gone were the days when only weekends rocked. The bars were now being patronized every day on the week. This definitely had a positive impact on bartending. Bartending was now all dressed up in a shiny amour for times to come.

And like the movies when everything seems just right,  BOOM !! there enters the bad guy. “Covid “. Well, it’s not a very pleasant thing to happen, but it was something which could not be ignored. Things just turned tipsy topsy overnight. Wouldn’t want to elaborate much, as each and everyone are and is still playing their part here. Being very unpleasant, all we wished was for “Covid to never have happened”. But now there was no running away from the fact than were we all in the midst of a tuberlance like never before and all we have to do was “nothing”. But that “nothing “ was the toughest nothing we had ever experienced

Bartending and Covid, a sour couple.

The Bartender Sensory Test

This was such an unprecedented event no one having any idea of experience on how to handle the situation as the demand of the hour was to maintain social distancing to stop the virus for spreading. Now, this was something which was going to affect the hospitality industry as socializing is an integral part of the hospitality industry. Initially, it looked like nothing to worry about, as things were looking to get back to normal in a short span of time. But as time kept getting stretched longer the dismay started to build up. The anxiety amongst Hospitality professional was getting real.

Bartending and bar were now shut for more than 3 months and the light at the end of the tunnel was nowhere in sight. Infact it looked more of a cave than a tunnel. Always believed we were in the same storm but we fail to remember the ships we were in were different. And in this pandemic, all that mattered was the size of the ship you are in. Bartenders were now feeling the brunt of covid. Some of them even finding it difficult to make ends meet.  And the future seemed not very bright. Bartending and covid didn’t seem to be not a very friendly couple.

With the bars now not functioning, salary seemed hard to come by. Every employee was now at the mercy of the employer. With nothing to do, and no possible source of income, building up a positive moral looked quite arduous. Everyone was now a victim, the employee and the employer as well.

But then individual help started to flow. But the hospitality section found itself totally desolated from the rest. 



Now if you are not aware “IFBA” – INDIAN FLAIR BARTENDERS ASSOCIATION.  IFBA came up with a much-appreciated intention to help the bar industry by providing financial support to the bartenders through fund rasing. At this hours any little help was like an oasis in a desert. From what I believe some of the liquor company also helped sponsor IFBA  in their Nobel cause.  For IFBA to come forwards help in an hour such as this was a great initiative.

 With 2020 almost coming to a close and bars being partly reopened things look a bit brighter. But the sales are nowhere close to the pre-covid era. Bartending will never fade away. it has and will withstand the test of time. One of the very few profession has witnessed and survived some of the worst plague in history.

With Covid now being a part of the system and not sure whether it here to stay of just a visitant. Things have started to shape up accordingly and so is bartending. With the vaccine looking distant away, people have now seen the worst phase pass by. Hopping things from here on just get better. Bartending and covid can now keep some distance from each other. And history has proven that fact, that bartending has and will always rise to the occasion.

Cheers !!

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