Bartender Devi Singh’s “The Support”

Bartender Devi Singh’s “The Support”

Bartending can be one crazy profession. But ever wondered how crazy bartenders can be? You must have see them in bars, parties and events doing some crazy stuff. And then you have Bartender Devi Singh’s “The support” with him. Promoting his Bacardi Legacy cocktail called “The Support”.

Devi Singh, on a mission to travel starting from Goa to Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, Pune , Bombay and back to Goa. And visiting outlets across each state. All of this with no money (something which most of us cant do without) invloved. Well, might sound crazy but then craziness is what distinguishes bartenders from the normal.

It was a delight to meet him at Bar Square where he dropped in for a session with the upcoming bartenders. The first question which instantly popped up was, why?  Not surprisingly, I wasn’t the first one and definitely not the last to ask him this question. If you were ever wondering how did he think of it? Well, he was inspired by a friend who happened to be travelling across India for a fundraising charity program in the same manner.

The bartenders at Bar Square seemed all excited and keen to meet Devi Singh. And Devi Singh didn’t fail to live up the expectation. With a great description on the “The Support” his cocktail for his Bacardi Legacy India finals. Bartender Devi Singh’s “The Support” came with a well-crafted story , and some great insight and connect to the man himself “Don Facundo

Travelling for such distance by any means can be quite demanding. But travelling the way Devi Singh did, can actually take a toll on you. But to my surprise, Devi Singh looked in great shape showing no signs of fatigue at all. He in fact, looked great and all set for a 100 lap. Had a lot of question to throw at him, but restrained myself as he has been answering more than his share of repeated questions.

Devi Singh’s “The Support”

“The Support”, the name of Devi Singh’s cocktail. And that’s was what he actually went out seeking on his journey. Something which could only be achieved through the support of random unknown samaritan. To leave goa was the plan, rest everything had to depend on the support he received from passing by vehicle. I do regular long-distance road trips and I till date have not dared to offer a lift to a single stranger.

From whatever little experience I gained,  trust me, its not an easy decision to make. It takes a lot of courage and will power to execute something like this. Asking for a lift on highways can be very discomforting and discouraging. You could never know how long the wait would last, something which is not in your control. But it feels super nice when someone you know goes ahead and proves you horribly wrong. 🙂

An era where money occupies centre stage and trust can be as rare and precious find. We have someone like bartender Devi Singh going against the odds. Would like the word bartender before Devi Singh because that what he is. This being the reason he went out proving what he believed in, not letting and obstacle distract him from achiving his dream.

If bartending is considered a crazy profession. Devi Singh fit’s in perfectly well. Having to go through all the discomfort throughout his the journey. He still managed to do Guest Bartending shift in bars promoting “The Support”. The man showcased some tremendous energy here. As it can get quite demanding when the mode of transportation is all about getting on time and comfort is not even in consideration

Bacardi Legacy

Any bartending competition always tends to bring out the best from each and every participant. Especially when it’s a Bacardi Legacy the stakes get even higher. Bartenders have always gone out of the way taking cocktails to greater heights. Bartender Devi Singh’s “The Support” for Bacardi Legacy India Finals is no exception. A great cocktail, a crazy bartender and now with a whole lot of “Support” with him.

Cheers !

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