Artificial intelligence and Bartending

Artificial intelligence and Bartending

Time, if it could talk, could possibly narrate some of the most epic tales. Evolution now made way for revolution. With changes taking place at a drastic pace. Possible, a blink might get you left behind. Revolution has affected every person and profession. And the last 2 decade has witnessed some of the most unbelievable transformations. With technology being advanced to unbelievable stature.

Artificial intelligence

The 1900’s witnessed the industrial revolution and 2000’s is presently witnessing a technological revolution. An era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the latest if not the newest of all. And god only can tell “ whats next”. Artificial intelligence is now almost a part of our daily activity. And it doesn’t stop there. Artificial intelligence is almost knocking on the doors of every professional. Giving rise to one important question. A question which has caused tremors. How secure are you in your profession?


Technology is a good thing, We welcomed it with open arms in our homes and now it’s taking over offices. But are we offering it the same welcome as we did once? There’s a fear of losing jobs to Artificial intelligence. Well, I would’int be the right person to comment on any Artificial intelligence related complication. But as a bartender, I feel totally composed and excited about Artificial intelligence.

We have reached a phase where vehicles are driven driveless. it’s  not been more than 2 century since we had the first automobile and not even a century since we had the first computer invented. And today we have Artificial intelligence driving vehicles on road waiting to be introduced while most of us Cant manually drive. Now let time decide whether it is something to be excited or to worry about 🙂

Being born in an era before the smart chip. We have witnessed the same fear of people losing out on jobs once computer takes over. But then it turned out to be a big boon. Not only did it create more job, but it was responsible for creating new profession as well. Offering us a new range of profession to choose from besides engineering and doctorate.

Artificial intelligence and Bartending



As every other professional, I too wondered if and how could Artificial intelligence play a role in Bartending. Artificial intelligence and Bartending as a combination sounds interesting. But is it capable of doing everything as well as a bartender can do? Which gave rise to the most important question. Is it possible to for me to lose my profession over to AI? How do I stay updated? And which professional would not have had this questions in mind? Who would have ever thought there would a driverless vehicle. And with the introduction of Sophia things look pretty bright 🙂

But when it comes to Bartending there is a certain charm involved in it. Something which requires more than Artificial Intelligence. Its called the human touch. Imagine a machine churning out cocktails day in and day out (Which actually does exist). Resulting in the same tasting cocktails universally. Sounds interesting, but then thinking of it, it would get so monotonous having the same feel and taste everywhere you travel. You might end up siping some good cocktails but you’ll lose on some great cocktails. And not only cocktails, you could also squander on some wonderful conversation. Getting high would be such a waste with no one around to respond to your drunk conversation.


Bartenders are not only responsible for making great and different cocktails. They also hold a unique skill of listening. listening to whatever the other has to say. And they don’t whisper. We are the best curator of your secrets. And like the saying, even if you make the same cocktail from the same bartender twice, it is most probably not gonna taste the same. We love to keep the drinker interested 🙂 The element of surprise is always there.

But let also appreciate the part played by technology in bartending. The quality and standard of bar equipment have considerably improved from time to time. Which has resulted in churning better quality cocktails. But as far as Artificial intelligence in bartending is considered,  it looks a long long way to go. We are keeping the flesh and bones still in business here. It’s a matter of working and serving with a heart.

Artificial intelligence and Bartending has yet to find the sweet spot. Artificial intelligence has to improve vastly, to take over a quality bartender. But then let’s leave it to time. A question better answered by the future generation to come. Till then we are here making it tough for artificial intelligence to take over bartending. And the day they accomplish it, will make sure they are capable of drinking as well 😉 Bartending as one of the oldest profession had prevailed the test of time and still looks strong. Looks like Artificial intelligence has finally met its match 😉






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