All Colourless Spirit are Ladies drink

All Colourless Spirit are Ladies drink

With changing times, science has taken over and won’t be wrong terming it as numen.  Everything has now improved drastically from its predecessor. We are now witnessing enhanced versions of every possible thing. And the younger generation seems to be the “I” version of its previous generation. We have now successfully managed to discover a faster, better and easier way of everything. Even cocktails have been keeping track amongst the new development. But then some still live with the past myth of  “cocktail and ladies drink?” and to make matter even worst ” all colourless spirit are ladies drink”

In a recent conversation at the bar, I hit on an interesting note. After offering a couple of straight drinks, and like always I tried to suggest some cocktails to the guest. I do succeed most of the times but can’t bet on it. Every now and then I do come across guest quite loyal to their drink, but I still live with the motto “ no harm in trying” 🙂 . This time I came across quite a shocking remark. Believing the myth being over, quite shocked when I heard “cocktail a ladies drink” and even went one step ahead defining all “colourless spirit are ladies drink”.

Picture Credit: Belvedere vodka

The Myth, Colourless Spirit are ladies drink?

I started drinking alcohol in my teens. With no genuine purpose or reason to drink. The sole intent being, to portray how masculine I  could be to my counterparts. The more quantity of alcohol I could consume without getting drunk, the more masculine it made me feel.  And when it initially hit me, which it definitely did, I would never know, but everyone else around me had a different story.

A ritual everyone in the group happily participated in. Stepping into the teens made us want to prove how qualified we are to be mens.  Consuming alcohol and still standing sober was the ultimate manhood test. Most of us ( in my era) must have participated in this test and managed to pass in flying colours. And not forgetting the spirit had to be rum(dark) or whiskey which had to be mixed with coke, soda or water, in time of crisis, neat. This is where I feel for the myth of colourless spirit are ladies drink arose.

With time, the teen found its way towards adulthood. Now it was all about a job (the biggest prize you pay for being an adult ) and choosing a profession. My choice of job being music oriented, but it still had a lot to do with alcohol. Fast forward 10 years and boom, I find my self bartending. Alcohol for me now had an entirely new definition. It more of science to me, than just a liquid which when consumed in huge quantity could potentially intoxicate the consumer. A science which was definitely more interesting than what I learnt in high school.

Breaking the MYTH

Alcohol is not a natural resource. There exist no river or lake which is flowing with alcohol. And it does’int even rain alcohol, what a pity 🙁 . Alcohol come in 2 variant ethyl ( ethanol ) methyl (methanol). The one which we consume is ethyl which can only be produced using the process of fermentation. Fermentation the only way I believe you can get ethanol.  Distillation is what we do after fermentation to increase the alcohol strength. Each and every drink labelled spirit has definitely undergone a distillation process. We are here talking about the distilled beverage

No matter how much science has progressed, distillation still follows the same old method. Pot still and continuous still are the two type of distillation. Every liquid which undergoes the distillation process, resulting in a colourless liquid. Now every spirit ( gin, vodka, whiskey, rum etc) at birth ( after distillation) is “colourless”. Shocking right? But its absolutely true. Whiskey and Dark rum at birth are colourless just like gin, vodka and every other distilled beverage. So the myth of “colourless spirit are ladies drink” finds itself now in shaky grounds. And how does whiskey gets its colour? you have to get yourself enrolled in a bartending academy to know “how”?.. lol

Grey Goose Cocktail
Picture Credit: Grey goose

It was’int that tough bursting the myth scientifically. But in the practical world it not that easy. The concept has been passed from generations of dark spirit adherent. This truth can potentially hurt one’s ego when it comes to accepting the fact. Thinking of it, how can one describe such a thing as a feminine drink and masculine drink. When both most likely possess the power of getting anyone drunk, irrelevant to which sex is consuming it. And when it comes to cocktails, please think of LIIT (long island ice tea). it gets its colour from coke, rest everything in it is of colourless spirit.

How and when did the myth start no one would ever know. But it still runs deep in the veins or in the mindset in most Indian consumer. I had almost forgotten of the myth of “colourless spirit are ladies drink”. All it took was a conversation to send me 20 years down memory lane, Surprising to see the myth still alive. Alcohol does not come in gender. Finally, cutting a long story short, for some who still thinks “colourless spirit are ladies drink” should try consuming one whole bottle of any desired colourless spirit and try standing still.


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