A cocktail session with Percy Patel

A cocktail session with Percy Patel

Is it Bartending or is it Cocktails? Can get a bit complicated trying to figure out which of the two is more interesting. After conducting more than a dozen consumer cocktail session, I finally think I am inching closer to the answer. But I still find it difficult to make up my mind, if its bartending or cocktails that interest a person. This cocktail session with Percy Patel just got me one step closer to the answer.

Percy Patel, looking to take a break for Goldman Sachs put down his papers. The reason was definitely one which I seem to have no interest to find out 🙂 . Now comes the most interesting part, “The farewell gift”. His beloved colleagues and friends got together and gifted him a very informative class on bartending at Bar Square. This is where I find my line of interest.

The gift of a cocktail session.

His interest in cocktails was well spotted by his colleagues at a bar during one of their casual drinking visits. This was where it seems the entire plot was outlined. Looking to fit a perfect farewell gift, it surpassed no further than “Cocktails” for him. As thus began his epic journey in cocktails.

The gift to Percy Patel was a three day’s cocktail course and yes it also carried a certificate on completion. The course designed to cover basic skill and technique’s in cocktails. The course did carry the potential to get anyone excited and Percy Patel was no exception. No matter how hard he tried, he did a pretty bad job in masking his excitement. Acting, is one thing he has to stay miles away from.

It was quite pleasant meeting Percy for the first time. We had some connection going on here. I mean he came from the “city of dreams”, Mumbai, the same city I come from and had quite a few things in common. He resided just two blocks away from where I did in Mumbai (no sharing address here). But we never did meet there, we had to come all the way to Bangalore to know each other. We did have some friends in common though.

Day 1 of Cocktail session with Percy Patel.

Cocktails session with Percy Patel

It was always easy going with Percy. After meeting him once to finalize the date, we were quite on the same page. He looked quite eager to get on with making cocktail right away, same as any new recruit in the army, who straight away wants to fire rounds. But then technique is want was missing in both the above the cases. At start, it is all about patience, which when explained Percy showcased plenty of it.

Didn’t disappoint him though. We did let him make cocktails but not before feeding him with the right information required. He did a good job but the excitement got the better of him. Being his first time and first day his excitement was much better than the cocktails he churned. The balance seemed a bit off.

Day 2 of Cocktail session with Percy Patel.

Now we had a calmer and matured Percy Patel here. Looked like he tried his stunts with cocktails at home and was now looking to improvise. And here he was at right place for corrections 🙂 . Today it was all about churning some great cocktails. Percy stood up to the task well. The warrior looked ready for battle, focusing now much on technique’s.

He got it mostly if not all right. But the cocktails now showed a vast improvement than of the previous day. Percy was now in a different level and was not ready to settle there. Moving up was what he was focusing on and in showed immeasurably in his cocktails. The man was not ready to stop.

Day 3 Cocktail session with Percy Patel.

Cocktails session with Percy Patel

If Alicia key would have seen him on the third day, she would have definitely corrected her song to “ This guy is on fire” 😎. He looked like HULK ready to take on THANOS. He was definitely churning some great cocktails making use of every single information thrown at him.

It was an absolute pleasing sight to watch him. The improvement was now showcasing in his cocktails. Looked like he finally found “Moksha” when it came to cocktails 😉 . It was more of a farewell for us as well. His second farewell for the month. But he now made the cocktails talk. He had quite a pleasant smile on his face. Could guess the reason could be, as it was his last day at Bar Square or because his cocktails were now brilliant. I still go with the latter here. Something he could be proud of.

Cocktails and bartending have always been hand in glove. You can definitely acquire great skills in cocktail churning and not necessarily be a bartender. But as a bartender, you not only have to come up with great cocktails but also a variety of undisclosed skills. Its what is required to make a complete bartender. Looking at the growing interest towards cocktails there is no harm in learning the skill to utilize it at home or parties.

I have always enjoyed Cocktails training session, with Percy Patel was no different. There is a special satisfaction in sharing knowledge. And when you know the other person appreciates the gesture, it adds up to satisfaction. Percy was definitely someone I truly enjoyed sharing knowledge with.

Cocktails session with Percy Patel

A well thought farewell gift of a cocktail session turned out to be a memorable one. Seeing someone churn some good cocktail is always a pleasant sight. Watching Percy Patel transforming himself in 3 days was quite astonishing. The cocktail session with Percy Patel, something I could revere for a long time.


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